Expanding on Data Centre Layers of Security

In this episode we expand on the layers of security in a Data Centre. We build on the last episode’s introduction to the layers of security and define what you are looking for in each layer of security.

From a security and risk management prospective you need to take a holistic view and identify what risks (both natural and human) it is you are trying to identify and understand.

We discuss:

A layer of security before your perimeter.

  • Assessing an environment.
  • Looking at your neighbours and what is around you.
  • Vehicle mitigation.
  • Camera visibility.

Perimeters and entry points

  • Fence Lines and Perimeters
  • People assessing what is happening around and before your perimeter layer.
  • Do you need restricted access.
  • Assessing your risks and your threats.

Security Systems and Access

  • Electronic security management system.
  • Video surveillance.
  • Access system.

Guidelines and procedures

  • Policies and procedures.
  • Training all people in security procedures.
  • Humans as the biggest threat to security.

Restricted Areas

  • Locking down areas general people don’t need access to.
  • Dual factor authentication.
  • Access control and management.
  • How to handle keys and ensure security.
  • Keeping operations separate from the assets you are trying to keep secure.

In todays environment security is not a set and forget. The convergence of physical, cyber and network security means you need to be constantly re-evaluating you security risk management, threats and posture. If you are not, you will end up with trouble.

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