Data Centre Layers of Security

In this episode we talk about the multiple layers of security within the Data Centre Industry. We provide an overview of all 6 layers of security and how they provide the ability to enable a potential threat to be detected and negated.

Throughout the video we discuss:


  • How the perimeter starts outside the fence line.
  • Understanding who enters your environment.


  • Security office and concierges.
  • Ensuring only vetted people are entering your environment.
  • Who has access and to where.

Physical Layers of Security

  • Doors and locks.
  • Access control and management.
  • Electronic and physical security management.
  • Armed vs unarmed security guards.

Policies and Procedures

  • How if you don’t have the right policies and procedures in place, your other security measures are compromised.
  • Privileged access program.

The Human Factor

  • The people involved in processing security.
  • How the people in your environment are the biggest threat to security.
  • How human error and innocent mistakes can compromise security.
  • Ensuring all your people are well trained in security to minimise the opportunity for errors.

Customer Experience

  • How to balance having a secure facility without inconveniencing customers too much.
  • Having a unified platform for security to enable a better experience.
  • Understanding what it is you are trying to protect for and from the customer.

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