What is Good Data Centre Training?

Training is the core aspect in ensuring your people are equipped to deliver the best service and product offering to your customers, as well as safeguarding the smooth operation and security of a facility. In this video we discuss why training is so important and cover an example of a training program in the Date Centre industry.

Training is one of the most important pillars to get right in your organisation and you need to be developing a highly skilled and flexible workforce. To keep the best staff, you need to provide them with the appropriate knowledge, development and career opportunities within your organisation.

In this video we cover:

  • The two facets to training – base / general knowledge and role specific training.
  • Induction training
  • Role specific knowledge
  • Compliance related training
  • Development training
  • Core knowledge
  • Competency based training and observation
  • Assessing knowledge learnt
  • Consistent and ongoing training
  • Documented processes and procedures
  • Where and why training fails
  • Why good managers are so important to good training
  • How to track the effectiveness of your training and whether it is getting done
  • Why people need to be aware of different departments to help support their own knowledge.

Failing to train is training to fail. Training needs to be in your organisations DNA, and is one of the key foundations in all aspects of a business.


  1. Great video gents.
    Can see the experience shining thru!

  2. I think most organizations do know and loosely follow this but I agree with your philosophy that it needs to be rigid and documented and embraced at all business levels. In the busyness of growing a business you mentioned training as a first line budget victim, but diligence to these procedures should not cost money (once documented and deployed) but failure to follow these process will lead to financial hemorrhaging for sure.

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